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    Turkey Sends Tanks, Troops, Artillery to Syrian Border

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    Turkey Sends Tanks, Troops, Artillery to Syrian Border

    Post  Pastor Jay on Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:41 pm

    June 26,2012

    Things are heating up as tentions escalate between Turkey and Syria after fridays incident where the Syrian Military shot down a Turkish F-4 Phantom Fighter Bomber that violated Syrian air space.
    The Turkish military has been sending tanks, troops, and long range artillery batteries to the Syrian boarder in preparation of possible hostilities.

    Clip from link below:

    The Turkish military mobilized large numbers of reinforcements from its eastern provinces to the Syrian border on Tuesday, amid rising tension with Damascus, after the downing by Syria of a Turkish Air Force jet on Friday, Turkish media reported.

    Large numbers of Turkish troops — including at least 15 long-range artillery pieces and tanks – moved to the Syrian frontier from the eastern city of Diyarbakir. A video published by the Turkish Cihan News Agency showed Turkish tanks being transported by carrier trucks toward the frontier.

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