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    Senator Diane Feinstein: “Get Ready For More Invasive TSA Searches to Save Us From Al Qaeda”


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    Senator Diane Feinstein: “Get Ready For More Invasive TSA Searches to Save Us From Al Qaeda”

    Post  JoeHagmann on Tue May 15, 2012 7:11 pm

    Despite widespread negative coverage of the now proven to be manufactured CIA underwear bomb plot, influential Senator Diane Feinstein has warned Americans that more invasive TSA searches are coming in order to keep us safe from al Qaeda.

    Appearing on Fox News, Feinstein literally chided Americans for complaining about invasive sexual molestation type searches in airports throughout the country while applauding TSA for doing what appears to be absolutely nothing besides a slew of illegal, unconstitutional acts against innocent Americans, including children and the elderly.

    Consequently the flying public is going to have to tolerate more invasive searches, she said.

    “The American public has not been terribly sympathetic” to this, she said, but “it’s very important that TSA (the Transportation Security Administration) keeps up its efforts.”

    Feinstein, with a face and look full of sheer evil, also called for candidly killing our enemies throughout the world.

    These calls for even more invasive TSA searches come after a failed CIA underwear bomb plot that turned out to be run by the CIA and Saudi Intelligence the entire time.

    “The supposed al Qaeda bomb plot to blow up a U.S. bound plane has completely fallen apparent with recent revelations that the terrorist was actually working for the CIA and Saudi Intelligence the entire time.

    That’s right, this huge corporate media manufactured story was literally a NON EVENT with the terrorist actually being an operative who then turned the bomb over to the Central Intelligence Agency,” we reported last week.
    Pastor Jay
    Pastor Jay

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    Bend Over America

    Post  Pastor Jay on Tue May 15, 2012 11:32 pm

    I agree it's a total outrage Joe. Federalized pedophiles grabbing childrens genitals, women being raped in parking lots, stolen luggage, harassing the elderly, assaulting the handicapped.... the list goes on and on, unreal. All behind the plastic badge of a TSA agent.

    I wonder if Senator Diane Feinstein would be looking at the TSA with such loving affection and support if it was herself or one of her family members like mom, dad, the grand kids, sister, brother...etc getting stripped then having an invasive anal probe body cavity search surrounded by a few hundred spectators either at the airport or some highway check point? And yes, the invasive body cavity searches are comming, plans are already under way to implament them. Prepare to bend over America, this won't hurt much, this will protect you from Al Quada terrorists. At least that's what Obama is counting on.

    God Help Us All

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