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    IRS Tax Exempt Status 501-C3 Department of the Treasury PDF File

    Pastor Jay
    Pastor Jay

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    IRS Tax Exempt Status 501-C3 Department of the Treasury PDF File

    Post  Pastor Jay on Wed May 16, 2012 1:55 am

    Hello everyone,

    There has been a lot of talk about churchs and involvement with the IRS tax exemption status known as 501-C3. Many people sincerely have no idea what exactly the churchs are required to do to recieve this tax status or even what they may be limited in doing by becoming a 501-C3 tax exempt organization.
    With that thought in mind i decided to research the subject. The link below will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about what 501-C3 actually entails in detailed description. So take the time to read through it, after finishing it, the next time you go to your church and ask the Priest, Rev., or Pastor if they're part of the 501-C3 exemption status you'll know what you're talking about and won't be put off by the proverbial "It's nothing to really concern you" type answer that you may recieve.

    Note: If an adobe reader pop up shows up after clicking the link, click ok, then refresh page to view the material.

    God Bless

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    Re: IRS Tax Exempt Status 501-C3 Department of the Treasury PDF File

    Post  jolou1 on Wed May 16, 2012 4:38 am

    Thank you again, Pastor Jay!
    Your topic brought to my mind, a sad story -- that of the beautiful Indianapolis Baptist Temple, which had a run-in with the IRS, a little over a decade ago.
    It's an interesting case, albeit a heartbreaking one.

    The Pastors Dixon had not only been preaching the Word of God, but also taught the importance of patriotism, and love for our great country.
    During the week, the ministers would sometimes open the doors up to public meetings, featuring conservative speakers, authors, and patriot groups.

    Then, sadly, that beautiful temple was seized by federal agents. The building and vast grounds were "sold," and the church was no more.

    Many versions of that event have been written, and rumored about.
    Our government, for instance, claimed that "tax evasion" was the reason for the seizure.
    Others, mostly atheists and haters of the Christian faith, attributed the federal raid to the "subversive" leanings of the clergy and their congregation.

    I, of course, agree with neither of the above renditions.
    I saw that temple as a place where the Lord's children could worship, learn and celebrate God's Gifts of Life....Liberty...and Freedom, together.

    And as the years have passed, it's become even more evident that such things are frowned upon, once tyranny is on the horizon.

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