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    Dream Control Device and the Matrix, Reality of Today

    Pastor Jay
    Pastor Jay

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    Dream Control Device and the Matrix, Reality of Today Empty Dream Control Device and the Matrix, Reality of Today

    Post  Pastor Jay on Mon May 21, 2012 9:38 pm

    Hello everyone,

    I came across this disturbing gem of an article on the Drudge Report today. It would seem that not even our own dreams are beyond the control of the technocratic globalist elite. What ever do you mean Pastor Jay?, my dreams are my own.
    Well, maybe they used to be yours, but not any more. That's right, comming to store shelves near you, the Dream Control device for a mere 100 dollars can be yours.
    It's called the Remee Sleeping Mask. How does it work?

    Basically you put the mask on, go to sleep, censors in the mask wait for you to go into REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) and initiate a program run from a webside linked to the device. The dreamer is supposed to see red flashing LED lights in the dream to let the sleeping individual know they are in fact dreaming.
    The dream you experience is loaded from the website and goes directly into your subconcious mind and you dream exactly what the Remee Sleeping Mask injects into your thoughts. In other words, your subconcious sleeping mind will be manipulated by outside influences vie the internet broadcasting a signal into your brain through the mask.
    Yuppies and trendies may be flocking to the store shelves to purchase this item succumbing to the propaganda that you can have lucid dreams about hanging out with super star celebrities, flying like a bird or even fantasy dreams of being a Knight in shinning armor to save a damsel in distress.

    On the surface this all seems pretty cool at first glance, I mean who wouldn't want to dream about being a hero or doing exciting stuff, kinda like a vacation in the mind right in the comfort of your own bed.
    Hmmm... where have i heard that before? I remember now, wasn't the theme in the movie Total Recall about taking paid vacations right in your mind and the memories would be as real as your common reality?
    Or was it in the hit movie Insiduous where government agents would invade the dreams of their targets to steal secrets that you keep nowhere except in the back of your head?
    Those 2 examples are close, but my favorite comparison would be from the scene in the movie the Matrix during the "What is Real?" clip below. Suspiciously similar to the Remee Sleeping Mask. Watch the clip and you to can see what I mean.

    Neo is strapped into the chair, (think your bedroom), he's then plugged in (guess that would be signing up for the website and purchasing the Remee mask, don't forget to pay your internet bill and remember to turn the mask on), the construct is then loaded.. originally it's blank ( this is the part where you should have gotten premium membership on that dream control site, good dreams can be expensive ya know), and then ANYTHING they WANT or NEED is LOADED into the program connected to your mind. Initially Neo rejects the program because he is OVERWHELMED by what his own mind is trying to tell him, (probably that he's been invaded by an outside entity... oh that's right, my bad, if you are wearing this Remee Sleeping Mask and following the instructions then you are BEING INVADED and MANIPULATED by an UNKNOWN SOURCE) and Neo desperately tries to reject what his now POSSESSED MIND is telling him.

    Here's the link from Mail One News

    There are many biblical passages about demonic possession, here are some of them matthew 9:32-33...Mark 5:1-20..7:26-30...Luke 4:33-36 and Acts 16:16-18 to name just a few.

    Imagine what can be done with this device in the wrong hands. If they can give you good dreams they can also inject NIGHTMARES, handy interrogation tool don't ya think? Remember those red flashing LED lights to let you know you were in a dream? if they can be turned on, then certainly they can be turned off.. then how would you really know if you were dreaming?
    Think about it, you could be wearing one of those Remee Sleeping Masks right now while you read this, look around.. do you see any red flashing LED lights? probably not.. then again, who's to say they didn't turn them off? How would you tell the difference if they change the rules without telling you?

    Sleep well tonight my friends, and pleasant dreams, hopefully your own.

    God Bless

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    Dream Control Device and the Matrix, Reality of Today Empty Re: Dream Control Device and the Matrix, Reality of Today

    Post  VickiePsa1 on Mon May 21, 2012 11:49 pm

    Brings some questions to mind.

    A friend recently expressed to me concerns over remote mind control, which she said is likely more advanced in development than we're allowed to know. This discovery of yours, Pastor Jay, I'd deem fairly revealing; at least it's in the arena. And it's offered, rather than forced. Question: would you agree Jesus would/shall remove us from the earth before mass mind control could be instituted against people's will? (To be sure, I'd expect His children to at least be protected against such things.) And might technologically induced mind control be what God is referring to when He says in II Thess 2 He will send to those who had not a love of the truth a strong delusion so they'll believe a lie? I know God could merely speak the delusion into existence, but when I see men creating things which might bring a specific prophecy to fruition, it gives me pause. -Vickie

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    Dream Control Device and the Matrix, Reality of Today Empty Wow

    Post  LilPreachersGirl on Wed May 23, 2012 11:04 pm

    I was just watching a video on youtube called The strong Delusion. Devil, Demons disguising as good. God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. Wow, what your speaking of would fit right in with the RFID Chip. (One guy who has the chip in his hand can turn his lights on, off, basically unlock his house, turn his music on, do anything inside his house)That is some scary stuff. I am so thankful I don't play video games...
    Pastor Jay
    Pastor Jay

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    Dream Control Device and the Matrix, Reality of Today Empty New Age Addiction

    Post  Pastor Jay on Thu May 24, 2012 1:26 am

    Remember way back in the day when attari came out and was replaced by nintendo, the xbox, play station and now the wii game. Before those devices came out, the kids growing up, myself included enjoyed spending the day outside doing normal kid stuff like riding bicycles and skate boards or exploring the forest and delighting in the wonders of nature.. which in my opinion is God's play ground. After those game systems came out the children became addicted staying more and more indoors, hence the dawn of the couch potatoe, over weight epidemics of kids feeding their faces with junk food cheese curls and doritoes while they wildly competed for the high score in a virtual world.
    Ask just about any child today that has an electronic game system in their house to go play outside and get some fresh air and more than likely they will look at you like you're from outer space. The proverbial exprssion of " Wow, my parents are so uncool, play outside? are they kidding?", or the obvious reply of "Awww Mom, do I have to?, there's nothing to do out there mom, it's soooo boring."
    These same children are the leaders of tomorrow. Ever wonder why this upcomming generation is seemingly clueless? I would lean towards video games burning out their minds at a young age, by spending so much time in a virtual world they have lost touch with reality.
    Have no fear, things will be getting much worse... at least the nintendo generation had to have their eyes on the game and were forced to move their little fingers really fast to get to the next level. Wow, that can be some serious exercise, hope they stretch out their hands first to prevent serious thumb cramps.
    The next generation that will be raised by these finger straining athletes of today won't have to do anything except sleep to get their fix of a virtual reality. So the world of tomorrow may see an flood of kids hooked on virtual dream realities that give them anything they want provided of corse mom and dad remember to pay the internet bill, parents can be forgetfull ya know, they never seem to remember the important stuff like game upgrades and premium membership packages for some reason.
    If you think it's hard to get your son or daughter off the couch and away from that nintendo, wait till they get their little hands on one of these Remee Sleeping Masks.

    God Bless

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