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    ALERT: Call Your Senators before U.S. Sovereignty is LOST at Sea!


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    ALERT: Call Your Senators before U.S. Sovereignty is LOST at Sea!

    Post  jolou1 on Tue May 22, 2012 3:16 am

    Once again, the evil U.N. creation known as the "Law of the Sea Treaty" (LOST) has raised it's ugly, viperish little head.
    No matter that every administration, dating back to President Reagan, has refused to sign it --
    as we all know, Obama likes to be anything.
    So, it's no surprise that he wants this!

    Of course, so does Senator Harry Reid, and his leftist colleagues.

    If passed, "LOST" will have devastating effects upon our ability to protect the U.S. and our allies worldwide, from enemy invasion.
    Not only that, but the very tenets of this treaty would reach well inside our domestic borders!

    Our nation's internal lakes and waterways will be controlled by the United Nations. All water-based, outdoor activities will be at the behest of those same alien powers!

    As recent as 2010, it was reported that top Naval advisors were actually "in favor" of this treaty.
    As unbelievable as that may seem...we must also consider that weak commanders will always weed-out the strongest leaders, and retain those of comparable weakness.

    Sadly, this appears to be the situation we now find among our nation's top military advisors.
    The Pentagon -- having once quartered proven stallions...
    now serves as a sanctuary for Obama's own team of mules.

    Our only hope is to demand that Congress not pass the "Law of the Sea Treaty!"
    And that, for those who'll vote for this monstrosity --
    "LOST" may well preface the words job, respect, fortune, and country.

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