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    His Own Words, Obama Says He's a Constitutional Traitor

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    His Own Words, Obama Says He's a Constitutional Traitor

    Post  Pastor Jay on Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:15 am

    June 19,2012

    Hello everyone,

    With the months of the election year passing by at a rapid pace with November soon upon us, I've found this video clip from 2008. In this short speach, Mr. Obama..aka Barry Soetoro or whatever his real name truely is, admits in his own words that he is committing acts of treason by continually bypassing congress and working daily to further his dictatorial agenda all on his own. Watch the video and listen for yourself to few minute video from infowars.

    Clip from link below:

    In the video, Obama laments that he cannot rule by authoritative fiat and bypass Congress and the American people. He states that despite laws enacted by Congress and the American people, he will do what he wants – or rather, what his globalist handlers want.

    Here's additional proof, he admits it again and again in this compilation of his speachs since he entered the oval office.

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