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    Obama's Real Father Exposed!! Joel Gilbert on InfoWars

    Pastor Jay
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    Obama's Real Father Exposed!! Joel Gilbert on InfoWars

    Post  Pastor Jay on Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:40 am

    June 23,2012

    Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    In an unbelievable twist, writer/director Joel Gilbert's new film "Dreams of My Real Father", the absolute TRUTH of who Barrack Hussein Obama really is has finally been brought to light. You've got to watch this interview with Alex Jones on to see it for yourself. I recomend that ALL freedom loving American patriots who love the Constitution and the values of a free society watch this 45 minute interview at the very least, and hopefully some of you get this video selling for about 15 dollars and share it with everyone you know. It's a must see! Please take the time to watch this and judge for yourself.

    God Bless

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