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    Colorado Wildfire Burns Out of Control, Over 150 Homes Destroyed

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    Colorado Wildfire Burns Out of Control, Over 150 Homes Destroyed Empty Colorado Wildfire Burns Out of Control, Over 150 Homes Destroyed

    Post  Pastor Jay on Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:57 pm

    June 24,2012

    The wildfire that began in Colorado on June 4, 2012 that was sparked by a lightning strike outside the resort town of Ruidoso has so far destroyed more homes than at any other time in the states history.

    Clip from link below published June 16,2012 by FOX News:

    Additional crews were arriving Saturday at a wildfire in northern Colorado that has scorched about 85 square miles and destroyed at least 181 homes, the most in state history. Meanwhile, local authorities are
    focusing on another concern -- looting.

    The High Park Fire burning 15 miles west of Fort Collins surpasses the Fourmile Canyon wildfire, which destroyed 169 homes west of Boulder in September 2010.

    Colorado wildfire covers over 2,000 acres causing thousands to flee as C-130 air tankers are called in to fight the out of control blaze.

    Clip from link below reported by today, sunday morning:

    Flames from the wildfire bore down on houses at the top of Cedar Heights, an exclusive gated subdivision at the far western edge of Colorado Springs as officials evacuated the Garden of the Gods Park and urged voluntary evacuations of Chipita Park, Green Mountain Falls and Cascade up Ute Pass.

    We need to all pray that this gets under control soon, and we need to pray for all the brave men and women risking their lives fighting this horrific inferno in Colorado. Remenber these heroic people in your prayers today, because one day brave individuals such as these men and women may be risking their lives fighting mother natures fury in an area near you.

    God bless these men and women, may the Lord keep them safe and unharmed as they fight this wildfire in Colorado, Lord protect them, in Jesus name, Amen.

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