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    Millions Without Power in DC Area, Reports 5 Dead

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    Millions Without Power in DC Area, Reports 5 Dead Empty Millions Without Power in DC Area, Reports 5 Dead

    Post  Pastor Jay on Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:03 pm

    June 30,2012

    A storm that wrecked havoc around the Washington DC area has left over 1 million residences without power, estimates claim they will be without electricity for at least a week. The storm has also reportedly claimed 5 lives so far. The full extent of the damage has not yet been assessed but early reports seem to indicate that property damage is high.

    Clip from link below:

    "This is the largest non-hurricane power outage in Virginia history," Gov. Bob McDonnell says. "Virginians need to be on guard and to be working together ... and to find out where the shelters are."

    "The severity of the storm damage necessitates the declaration of a public emergency to enable District government to respond to emerging issues as expeditiously as possible," said D.C. City Administrator Allen Y. Lew.

    At least five people in the D.C. region are dead after being hit by falling trees. One woman was in her car when the tree hit, and another was sleeping in her bed when a tree crashed into her bedroom. A third was killed while sitting in a car in Northwest early Saturday morning when a downed line set his car on fire.

    I would like to point out that this storm with the tragic loss of 5 lives just goes to show us all that mother nature is something not to be trifled with.
    It also serves as a micro-example of how swiftly the illusion of normal every day life can be swept away in a very short amount time. Millions of homes without power for up to an estimate week have caused shortages across the area. Long lines at the gas pump were evident within hours after the power grid went down. Emergency services such as 911 were instantly cut off. The electric company was completely overwhelmed by the extent of the damage to downed power lines along with trees and various other debris blocking roadways making even getting to the downed electrical lines dificult. The state of Virginia even declared a state of emergency within hours.
    Point I'm trying to make is that it is a very wise decision to make sure you are prepared for just such an emergency. I'd suggest stocking at least enough food and water for 1 month to begin with.
    Check your flash lights and make sure they work, get extra batteries. grab some candles from the local dollar store. Make sure you have lighters or matches, the capacity to make fire, a luxury man has had for thousands of years, will be essential for survival.
    Think ahead people. Imagine yourself as one of those 1 million plus families who had no clue they would be without power for over a week thurday night when they went to bed.
    Ask yourself, "If you were one of these households without power for at least a week how well are you prepared if the stove, refrigerator, phone, tv, water pumps..etc all of a sudden stop working?" Are you prepared for that? If not, it wouldn't hurt to start preparing for just this kind of situation. It can happen to any of us, anywhere, and at any time.

    God Bless

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