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    Fast & Furious: Path leading to White House


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    Fast & Furious: Path leading to White House Empty Fast & Furious: Path leading to White House

    Post  JoeHagmann on Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:18 am

    30 June 2012: One U.S. Border Patrol agent and one ICE agent is dead. Their families are shattered and devastated while Attorney General Eric Holder snubs a Congressional inquiry to the point of criminal contempt charges. Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama claims executive privilege over what he knew and when he knew it. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is also part of this travesty of justice, remains silent as well. And it’s unfortunate, that the Congressional leaders in power do not have the guts to actually arrest the Attorney General, an option that has not been exercised in recent times but is nonetheless an option.

    The sad truth behind Fast & Furious is that it was designed from the onset as a back-door measure for gun control.

    In order to understand the intent, the plans, the motive behind Fast & Furious, one MUST understand the people who orchestrated this massive fraud on two countries: the United States and Mexico. These people are globalists, Progressives, and they want control. They understand that they cannot control an armed populace.

    Eric Holder, for example, was one of several students in 1969 who forcibly seized the ROTC room at Columbia University, only to rename it after his personal hero, Malcolm X. Obama has voted numerous times against gun ownership. Clinton and Obama are pushing the U.S. to to join with the UN Small Arms Treaty. The path of Fast & Furious has been mapped out in an eleven page PDF report.

    A joint investigation between the this agency and Canada Free Press identifies the people, intent and timeline of Fast & Furious in the following report.

    Click here for full report in PDF format (opens in new window).

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