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    King James Version of the Bible PDF File

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    King James Version of the Bible PDF File Empty King James Version of the Bible PDF File

    Post  Pastor Jay on Sat May 12, 2012 10:15 pm

    Hello everyone,

    Ever wish you could remember what page of the KJV bible you saw that scripture you liked but forgot where you read it because you didn't write it down or book mark it?
    Here's a sollution to that problem without writing notes, adding tons of bookmarks, or tearing the page out of the bible (NOT RECOMMENDED: BY DOING SO, OFFENDING INDIVIDUAL RUNS HIGH RISK OF BEING HIT BY LIGHTNING, FIRE, BRIMSTONE, METEORS, ASTOROIDS, TORNADOES, TIDAL WAVES, EARTHQUAKES or other appropriate punishments). To think, some people say I don't have a sense of humor? lol

    With this PDF file link you can easily print the page or pages you need with no trouble at all. If an adobe reader prompt pops up, hit OK, then refresh page to view the material.

    God Bless, Amen

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