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    Devil's Breath In Columbia

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    Devil's Breath In Columbia Empty Devil's Breath In Columbia

    Post  Pastor Jay on Mon May 14, 2012 1:17 am

    Hello everyone,

    As if drug use in the United States and around the world isn't already a problem of epic praportion we have something new to worry about comming from the cartles in Columbia. The drug is called "Devil's Breath" and is highly dangerous. It is colorless, has no distinct smell, and takes effect quickly is only a few minutes. The narcotic can be put into drinks or simply blown into the face of a passerbye and turn a stranger into an unsuspecting victim. The drug causes those effected to have "No Free Will", in other words you become highly suseptable to suggestions. Also causes memmory loss with severe hallucination, and in high doses it becomes lethal and will kill you. Link below contains valuable information along with video and still pictures.

    God Bless

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