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    Obama Portayed With a Halo? Newsweek Cover

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    Obama Portayed With a Halo? Newsweek Cover Empty Obama Portayed With a Halo? Newsweek Cover

    Post  Pastor Jay on Mon May 14, 2012 1:38 am

    Hello everyone,

    In an unbelievable and shocking Newsweek cover, Obama is shown with, of all things.....drum roll please....... a "Divine Halo" giving the feeling that his support of same sex unions and gay marriage is somehow linked with the Heavens and Mr. Obama is now some kind of angelic savior to the gay, lesbian and bi-sexual community.
    If memmory serves me correctly, the biblical cities of Sodom and Gamorrah had a king at one time. That didn't work out too well for those immoral people when God's wrath came down upon them. now that i think of it, with the passing of NDAA, this in fact pretty much makes Obama a Dactator, or a King, or my favorite way to express it, he's now Ceaser of America. Only time will tell what God's judgement may be on America, but I can say this much about it, especially with iniquity running unchecked through the land and in the halls of government. If these immoral and unethical policies are allowed to continue under this criminal infested government, the Lord's Judgement on America isn't gonna be pretty if the story of Sodom and Gamorrah are any indication of His Wrath.

    God Bless

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