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    Biggest Movie Theater Operators in U.S.? RED CHINA


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    Biggest Movie Theater Operators in U.S.? RED CHINA Empty Biggest Movie Theater Operators in U.S.? RED CHINA

    Post  jolou1 on Mon May 21, 2012 7:22 pm

    Sure, the Red Chinese have long been known for their unique entertainment acumen...right?

    Please support American-owned theaters!

    Pastor Jay
    Pastor Jay

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    Biggest Movie Theater Operators in U.S.? RED CHINA Empty When I was growing up.

    Post  Pastor Jay on Thu May 31, 2012 5:18 pm

    I have heard this story about the chineese buying up all kinds of industries. Our textile industry is already gone, try to find clothing in any local store that doesn't have a tag saying "Made in China" and you may be searching for quite a while.
    Auto industry seems to be moving overseas to China also, that's apparent after 20 billion dollars of our tax payer money was used to move General Motors to mainland China.

    Now with this article, seems even the theatre is moving out of town. Chineese theatre? hmmm... brings back memories from when i was growing up. Saturday afternoons my friends would come over to my house wearing headbands and fingerless gloves getting ready for the fun ahead. Namely immitating the martial arts action and sound effects from the combat scenes in the movie, along with the funny dialect. How many of you remember watching Black Belt Theatre or Kung Fu Theatre with the really cool action scenes and crazy get away abilities to jump 50 feet into a tree to ecape an enemy ambush, not to mention the awefull english dub overs where the actors lips start moving and a few seconds later you finally here an english voice comming from a chineese guy lol. I wonder if they will bring back spectrascope to the big screen? Those were the afternoons of innocence.
    What's going on now isn't so innocent as my childhood weekends. It's all part of a hostile coperate take over of the United States. Bit by bit, piece by piece.. a slow creeping take over of everything in America.

    God Bless

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