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    The TSA & a Pedophile Priest

    Pastor Jay
    Pastor Jay

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    The TSA & a Pedophile Priest Empty The TSA & a Pedophile Priest

    Post  Pastor Jay on Sat May 26, 2012 10:57 pm

    Hello everyone,

    I was outraged when I learned that the TSA is placing known child molesters in positions of power at airports. A report from CBS on May 24,2012 has discovered that a Catholic Priest who was removed from the ministry over child sexual abuse charges has been hired by the TSA and holds a sensative security position at the Philadelphia Internation Airport. The mans name is Thomas Harkins.
    Up until the year 2002 Thomas Harkins served as a Catholic Priest and was removed from the pulpit due to a scandal that involved Harkins sexually abusing an 11 year old little girl 10 - 15 times from back in 1980 - 1981.
    The TSA supposedly does background checks on all it's employee's but somehow this high profile pedophile/priest case has slipped through the cracks... or has it?
    Who else would want a job strip searching kids and painfully groaping the genitals of our sons and daughters? Only degenerate filthy immoral scum would enjoy playing with our childrens private parts all day long, not to mention harrassing and strip searching young and old adults, raping women in parking lots, and stealing personal items out of your luggage on a daily basis just to mention a few other criminal activities the TSA is guilty of doing regularly.

    All in the name of protecting US Citizens from Al Quada Terrorists who the government created, funds and runs globally. How's that for Irony?

    Youtube video and links below.

    Perhaps this is part of Obama's job creation package for America? With over 6 million people in prison in the USA isn't it ironic that for those pedophiles who are not behind bars to have found employment in the loving open arms of the TSA and have been given a liscence to sexually mollest our children all day long hiding behind a plastic badge with no training what so ever. If a total stranger on the street grabbed our genitals it would be a crime of sexual assault... strange how the TSA can do it with a smile to us all day long without having to worry about criminal charges because it's for your safety. What a joke.

    Is there anything that US Citizens are not willing to put up with? Come on America, where's your dignity!! Do any of you really believe that a pedophile groping your childs genitals at an airport, bus station or highway check point is gonna protect you from terrorists?

    "The level of tyrany we live under is equal to the amount we're willing to put up with"
    A quote from Thomas Jefferson

    How much are we willing to put up with today in the United States. If we turn a blind eye to this and ignore it, where will it lead? Perhaps the next level of iniquity will be roaming door to door squads of TSA officers forcing their way into your house to sexually mollest men, women and especially the innocent little children.

    God help us all, how far has this country fallen.

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    The TSA & a Pedophile Priest Empty Re: The TSA & a Pedophile Priest

    Post  VickiePsa1 on Sun May 27, 2012 1:52 am

    I can almost not bear hearing specific tales of what's occurring in transportation centers, especially when children or elderly people are involved. There's something peculiarly wrong with able bodied adults who, themselves, acquiesce to these abuses. Moreover, I wonder that parents who subject their children to them are not arrested for child endangerment or abuse, heavily fined, and caused to attend parenting classes. While I have a measure of sympathy for parents who are incensed and report the abuses, this late in the scheme of things, are there truly people who don't know in advance what is likely to occur at an airport? And if it does come as a surprise to them, can they not take their beloved child by the hand and walk away? While my children are now grown, no unexpected monetary loss would have caused me to allow anyone to inappropriately touch them or electronically strip them naked for inspection, and I surely wouldn't have knowingly put them in harm's way. That's not a boast; it's a profession of sanity and God-given responsibility and love.

    "For our safety." It's all so absent of common sense and brazenly evil as to be almost unbelievable. Yet, it's true. Please come quickly, Lord Jesus. We long for Your appearance. -Vickie

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