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    True face of Shariah Democracy at Work in Egypt

    Pastor Jay
    Pastor Jay

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    True face of Shariah Democracy at Work in Egypt Empty True face of Shariah Democracy at Work in Egypt

    Post  Pastor Jay on Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:29 pm

    June 24,2012

    Hello everyone,

    As we all know by now, Mohamed Morsi from the US backed Muslim Brotherhood has won the presidential election in Egypt. What the mainstream news media has failed to tell any of us is just how did he go about winning the election.
    Well the link below will provide a hint as to how Shariah-Democracy works in Egypt!!

    This sub-human animal beat his preagnant wife to DEATH for not voting for Mohamed Morsi in the presidential election. To make matters even worse, this animal will not even face charges because under Shariah Law the husband has the right to freely beat his wife any time for dissobedience or being stupid.

    Does that sound democratic to any of you? Think it can't possibly happen here in the USA, think if we just ignore the actions of these vile amimals operating under shariah law that they will just go away like a bad dream?
    Better think again people!! There's already a strong movement within the United States to begin implamenting SHARIAH LAW in the US Court System.
    So be carefull, ignore or disregard these horrific crimes committed legally under shariah law at your own peril. For the time being it's overseas, but legislation is gaining ground in the USA. So ask yourself, when you step outside and look down the street and see some man beat his wife to death or stone her to death before your very eyes on US soil and get away with it under shariah law.... well.. will you still turn a blind eye to it? or will you remember that some pastor told you once that it was trying to come to America and you did nothing about it?

    We as christians need to make a stand NOW to stop these type of horrors from comming to our towns and cities. Say no to shariah law in the USA now, or when it comes here we get exactly what we deserve for doing nothing to stop it.

    God bless you all, may the Lord keep you all safe and your hearts true. Amen

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    True face of Shariah Democracy at Work in Egypt Empty Re: True face of Shariah Democracy at Work in Egypt

    Post  jolou1 on Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:05 pm

    Thank you, Pastor!

    Yes, we must take a stand against shariah law!

    I also hope that everyone will support Rep. Joe Walsh, in his call to DEFUND the latest "acquisition" of the Muslim Brotherhood --
    formerly known as "EGYPT!"

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